Version 1.6.23

Happy new year

"Buy app" in-app purchase 20% off


  • "Remove ads" button next to the "Watch ad" button (a few didn't know that the ads could be removed)
  • The working area is now faded out while an ad is ready to play (a few thought the app was broken because it was not responsive anymore)


  • Buying experience of in-app purchases.

bad Ratings because of ads

Giving me a bad rating/review because of the ads is not fair. Everybody has to be paid somehow, and I really just want a free version to use for you (I prefer this ad model over the banners and many others do too). If you keep doing this, I will be forced to remove the free version (then it will be paid only with a trial period like all the other apps of this kind) because this could destroy everything I have worked for the past year.

If you don't like the ads, why not just consider buying the app?